Saturday, September 26, 2009

Watermelon Juice

Good Morning Everyone!

This past week I got a chance to work with a beautiful kit by Manda's Srappin' Creations called Watermelon Juice. I really love that she captured the colours of watermelon perfectly, you can't look at that red/pink without thinking watermelon straight off.

My first layout I made was of my daughters first taste of watermelon. It became an obsession of hers, her favourite fruit for sure.

My second layout :

I got playing around with shapes and got inspired for this page, though I had no photos for it, I decided to do it up as a Quick page freebie.


Friday, September 25, 2009

Musical Journey QuickPage Freebie

Good Morning Everyone!

I'm happy to say that I am starting to get better. I have bronchitis, which normally wouldn't be too bad but with Prescribed Forest Fires just West of me the breathing is a little rough.

Today I have for you a Quickpage Freebie I made using Musical Journey by DigiCreation by Sudesh available at


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Musical Journey

Good Morning Everyone!

Sorry I've been absent from posting the last few days, I have been out with a pretty horrible cold. Taking care of my 1 year old has taken all the energy I've been able to muster.

Today's introduction is Musical Journey by DigiCreation by Sudesh (formerly Sudesh Designs). This colorful kit has 15 papers and 44 elements and is useful in a variety of layouts. Here are a couple I did up. Clicking on the preview will take you to her blog.

I also made a Quick Page that will be available later on this week!

Friday, September 18, 2009

It's Freebie Friday!

Good Morning Everyone!

I hope everyone got more sleep than me the last couple nights, between record-breaking heat (in Canada in September??) and a teething baby I just can't catch a break. But that's neither here nor there. I have a QuickPage for you that I really rather like! The kit is Falling for Her by Scrapping Rainbow which you can still get for free over at her blog until Monday only. While you are over there get the links to the other great Quickpages by her CT and the link to get the other half of the collaboration by Scraps 'n' Pieces.

Here's the preview and the download link. I hope you enjoy!

****EDIT**** I just realized this evening that I failed to remove the wording from my quickpage. I sincerely appologize for my error. It has been corrected. If you downloaded it please download the updated version.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Strawberry Jam by Manda's Scrappin' Creations

Good Morning!

In addition to the 2 designers I'm currently CT for I applied to and was accepted to be a guest CT for Manda's Scrappin' Creation. I love her kits, they are absolutely adorable and this one is not an exception.

Strawberry Jam has 11 papers, 36 elements, a full alpha. Plus she offers a coordinating pack of 5 card stocks. I literally could not stop making layouts. I'm sure you will see more of this kit in the future.

This first layout I made, I really like the way it turned out, the plaid paper is one of my absolute favourites in the kit. I just could not find a series of pictures that I thought would look good in it. So instead with Manda's permission I'm offering the PNG of it as a Freebie Quickpage. Here are a few other layouts I made with the kit. The last of the 3 I made for a challenge on but you are seeing it here first.

Here is the Quickpage Freebie I promised! I hope you enjoy!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cherry on Top by Digi-Designs by Nicole.

This beautiful kit is by Digi-Designs by Nicole. It's got 13 papers and 37 embellishments.

I really love the complementary colours in this kit. The reds with the greens and the blues with the oranges. I have seen some stunning layouts made by Nicole's Creative Team which you can see on her blog here. Clicking on the preview will take you over to Nicole's store at Stuff to Scrap!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Falling For Her

Good Morning Everyone!

We have a big day if you like Freebies! Scrapping Rainbow has a new Collaboration Kit with Scraps 'n' Pieces. Today the papers are being offered free, the elements and alphas will be offered later in the week so make sure you keep checking back. Click on the preview to head to her blog.

Here are few layouts I made with it:

Check back on Friday for a Freebie Quickpage from this Kit. I have another Designer to preview for you tomorrow so I hope to see you back then!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Colorful World QuickPage Freebie!

Good Morning Everyone!

Today I have for you my first ever freebie. This is my first Quick Page I have ever made as well as my first time using 4shared so if there are any problems please let me know!

 There's so many great elements in this kit that I thought it would look nice sort of like a memory book where you try to fit in as much as you possibly can, not wanting to forget anything. Kind of purposely sloppy. Because the predominant colours were green and red it also kind of made me thing christmas (it's still summer though ack!). So my sample is from last christmas.

Here's your Freebie! Enjoy!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Layouts 6-10

These are the next 5 layouts I have made, all from my Gallery at STS.

I did this layout for the STS Recipe Challenge. It was the first time I made a cluster and I'm really happy with how it turned out.  Everything is from - Scrappy Birthday except the frame is from "Celebrate"

I made this layout for the STS Motto Challenge. The challenge was tro use "I'm Lovin' It". Since we don't eat meat we strayed from a McDonalds theme and used Deirdre lovin' her swimming classes instead. All supplies except supplied Word Art is from - Fall Festival Blog Train. Teal Paper - Christins Creations Brown Paper - Designs by Mel Border - Lovin' My Scrappy Life White Crystals - Christins Creations Teal Glitter - Scrapping Rainbow Designs

This layout was for the Random Challenge at STS. The Random theme was Make a Wish. Since I decided to skip candles at her first birthday we went with Santa. All Papers, Embellishments & Alpha are from Noel by

I did this layour for the Theme challenge at STS. The theme was Grandparents day. This is Deirdre with her paternal grandmother. All papers and elements are from http://stufftoscrap - Scrappy Birthday. 

 This layout is for the STS Quote Challenge. I really love this quote. All Papers and Embellishments are from http://stufftoscrap - 2 Kool 4 Skool by Growing Pains

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Layouts 1-5

My first layout, that I made for the "Use it or Lose it" challenge at Stuff to Scrap.

All supplies are from "Autumn Afternoons" mini kit by Mad Genius Designs.

My next layout was for the "Desktop Calendar" challenge at Stuff to Scrap. All papers, alpha & embellishments are from Shabby Princess - Harvest Spice


 This is one of my favourite layouts so far. I made this for the Template Challenge on STS. All Papers & Embellishments from the Kit "Girly Girl" available at .

This layout was for the Color Challenge over at STS. The staff had just generously given me a beautiful (and huge) birthday kit in honour of it being my birthday week so I decided to use it. Everything is from the - Scrappy Birthday Kit except the small border of purple paper which is from and called Easter Words.

I did this layout for the Font Challenge at STS (have I mentioned yet that I'm completely addicted to the challenges?). The font was a Tattoo Ink font so I figured what better to use as a picture than my husbands first tattoo. This layout uses entirely - 2 Kool 4 Skool by Growing Pains.

Rainbow Sherbert

Even more good news! This week is FULL of it! In addition to being accepted as CT for Sudesh Designs, which I wrote about in my last post, I also got accepted as CT for Scrapping Rainbows! Everyone at Stuff to Scrap has been incredibly nice to me since I joined and now the designers are giving me the opportunity to learn and grow with their products, I'm so excited! The latest Kit from Scrapping Rainbows I happened to catch when it was free on her blog for 24hrs but can now be purchased in her store. As you can see below, it's a beautiful kit with soft pastel colours that easily remind you of delicious summer treats.

Even though this kit was created before I joined the CT team so I was not required to make any layouts with it, I couldn't resist. Here's 2 layouts I did of, who else?, my daughter.

Also, today is my birthday, I'm Twenty-Eleven, and I wish I had a gift for you to mark the occasion but I don't. Check back in the next little bit though and i might just come up with something.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Colorful World

I finally got all my currect layouts uploaded so I can start showing them off in the next few days. First off though, exciting news! I got accepted to be a CT (Creative Team Member) for Sudesh Designs. Her blog is over here and her beautiful kits can be purchased here . The newest kit by Sudesh, Colorful World, debuts today and over on her blog she has not only a coupon to get it for $1 this week only but a freebie to download too. Check it out!

Here is a preview of the kit: 

And here are a few layouts I have already made with the kit:

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Welcome to my new blog.

My name is Colleen and I'm (almost) 31 years old, or twenty-eleven as I like to think of it. I'm a stay at home mom of one beautiful little girl, who you'll see a lot of since it seems that's all I take photos of. I live in Calgary Alberta Canada with my husband of 3 months (been together 4 years ) and our aforementioned daughter. I just started digital scrapbooking about a week ago and so far I'm having a blast. I've dabbled in all sorts of things so far, even tried making my own supplies. Once I get better I'll probably share them. I've been hanging out daily at . Everyone there has been super nice and helpful. The challenges have given me a lot of practice. My plan is to keep working on my skills, learn new things. I requested a pile of library books to read on it. Maybe one day become a Creative Team Member and even Design my own stuff. Seriously this is WAY too much fun. In the next few days I'll post a few of my layouts.