Monday, November 16, 2009

Family Fun Night

Good Morning Everyone!

I hope yuo had a good weekend. I did for the most part. The door for my desk is built but we can't put it on until tiomorrow night because we need to saw the back off of my tower cubby to make it fit and due to some car troubles we couldn't get that done until Deirdre was in bed. Power Saw 4 feet from the bedroom door with a sleeping baby... bad idea. So we will do it tomorrow. OR... Now that I'm thinking of it I could switch my tower into the other cubby and that junk into this one and now have to saw it... but then I need to locate a latch sooner. I will discuss options with hubby tomorrow. I have a really fun new kit to introduce you to called Family Fun Night by SAHM Scrapper and The Scrappy Kat available at STS. I absolutely LOVE board games of all kind and am practically counting down the days until my daughter is old enough to play games with me (around 21 months for the good games though I have seen a few 2+ games). Anyhow This kit is perfect for game nights.

Because I don't yet have any good game night photos I used some that looked like she was playing her own little games. I hopw you like it!

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